sa-update.cron complains about non-numeric argument

I have virtualmin pro with whatever updates would have been installed automatically.

Since July 13th, cron has been sending me messages with the subject

"Cron <root@server1> /usr/share/spamassassin/sa-update.cron 2>&1 | tee -a /var/log/sa-update.log"

and the following in the body:

"Argument "1.39_01" isn't numeric in subroutine entry at /usr/bin/sa-update line 81."

Is this a problem (beyond the fact that the messages are sent)? If so, is there a fix?



Howdy -- are you by chance using the RPMForge repository? I've seen some recent cases where the SpamAssassin package from RPMForge generated that error.

I believe in all the cases I ran into, you could get around it by running "sa-update" as root from the command line. That pulls in all the latest SpamAssassin rule updates.