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Hi I currently have a Virtualmin Pro install with 10 domain licences and I would like to purchase 10 more but I can't seem to find how I can add them to my virtualmin server.

I suspect that if i order the 10 additional domain license then it will automatically add itself via the license check that the server does?

Also I would like to ask, what happens once you reach your domain limit on your Virtualmin server, does it allow you to add more with a grace period so that you can get your license sorted out or does it cut you off from adding more domains?

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To purchase more domains, you can go to and purchase the appropriate upgrade. This will then be automatically applied to your licence , and detected by your Virtualmin install within 24 hours - there is no installation required.

If you do hit your current limit, you won't be able to create any additional non-alias domains - there is no grace period for domain creation, sorry.

Thank you for the info.

Also pardon my ignorance but what is a non-alias domain?

A Virtual Server and a Sub-Server are types of domains in Virtualmin that count towards your license limit.

An Alias Server is just a domain that points to an existing Virtual Server or Sub-Server.

So if your primary website is "", you would add that as a Virtual Server -- and it counts as one domain towards your license.

You can then add an alias to that domain, say, "". Since is just an alias for, it doesn't count towards your license limit.

When Jamie says "non-alias domain", he's referring to a Virtual Server or a Sub-Server... domains that do count towards your limit.

Does that make sense?

Yep, many thanks for the explanation :-)

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Can the owner of a Virtual Server point an 'alias' ie another top level domain to different content than that of the primary website? Example : the owner of the Virtual server is say Volkswagen so would have a home of but would also want to have,, each of those subsites would point directly to content specific to that model of car. Which of these two apply?: A) Would those additional domain names count towards the license limit? B) or is the license limit on how many Virtual servers are enabled and the number of top level domains not affect the license use?

NB this isn't for volkswagen - I'm sure they are big enough to afford 10 servers per microsite!! this is just an example to make something clear in my head... as I wanted to buy this beautiful product but if tld's count towards license then I have to stick to the gpl version for the time as can't afford the other packages for using multiple domain names which we use for seo and also want to make product specific genre tld of our products.

If the content is different (say it is served from a sub-directory), then those wouldn't be alias domains anymore as virtualmin defines them.

That said, a clever PHP programmer could write an index.php script that looks at the hostname being requested, and either serves different content for alias domains, or does a redirect. This wouldn't count towards Virtualmin's limits.

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It wouldn't even take much cleverness if you were using a CMS that already supports virtual hosting from a single install. Zope, for instance, has VirtualHostMonster (and some others, it's been a while since I worked with it) that selects the site to serve based on the domain, but it all comes from the same install of the CMS.

Drupal and Joomla both have similar tools, though they seemed complicated and unnecessarily baroque for little benefit compared to just having a virtual server for each website. That said, our pricing is pretty competitive on a per-domain basis, so I don't feel too guilty about charging what we do the way we do. ;-)

In the current scenario a cms would actually be used as the tld's would actually be categories of the main site with possibly minor alterations to make them look like standalone landing pages.

However I'm also wondering how this would be billed to a potential customer later on. If say I had 10 different web customers with the 10 license but one of the customers required another domain on their account then from what's been said it would require a license upgrade.

FYI on the price/per domain - the unlimited product would come to $499 which would match cpanel at $425 which has unlimited domains by default though that's the only option!!. Not that I would pick cpanel on just this point!!.