ERROR: Creating administration group aposgkwaeog .. .. done

Creating administration user aposgkwaeog .. .. failed to create administration user : ldap-useradmin::create_user failed : Failed to add user to LDAP database : No such object at /usr/libexec/webmin/ line 1332.

Failed to create virtual server : Critical feature Administration user was not properly created - Virtual server creation halted.

*** LPAD dc=Users,dc=gothosted,dc=info doesn't show up in my LPAD browser. Do you have a plausible solution? Manager, Groups, and Virtual show up though.



Can you add an LDAP user or group at Webmin -> System -> LDAP Users and Groups?

Also, are you sure you want to use LDAP? In general it is only needed for sites with multiple machines .. a typical virtualmin install works fine when only /etc/passwd and /etc/group are used .

Well, i went through the entire Centos 5 walk through following every step, i may be obligated to now use LDAP. and also no, it doesn't allow me to add users to LDAP since it says the DN does not exist. My Goal here is to create a WHM/Cpanel alternative. this step is almost complete, i just needed to somehow let the LDAP browser see the LDAP Unix User , in the form of dc=Users,dc=gothosted,dc=info

Edit: Hello, would you happen to have the Centos 5 walk through without LDAP then?