Hardcoded Mode should be 770, not 700

In virtual-server-lib-funcs.pl at around line 1950 in the sub set_usermin_imap_password, I've made the following changes:

         if ($dir eq $user->{'home'}) {
              # FATBEAR: CHANGED MODE TO 770 from 700
              &make_dir($dir, 0770);
              # FATBEAR: CHANGED MODE TO 770 from 700
                  $user->{'uid'}, $user->{'gid'}, 0770, $dir);

This is necessary so that the domain owner can be able to read/write files for a created user. It is reasonable that the domain owner have this capability and is a feature that many of our customers depend on.

I request that you either incorporate the change above into Virtualmin, or that you provide a feature via the control panel so that users can choose the mode for newly-created user accounts.



Are you sure you want mode 770 though? That would allow other mailbox users to access each others accounts..