User quota's and mail delivery problems

We have a domain that has been having ongoing problems with mail delivery. It seems to be related to mailbox sizes and quotas. The first time this happened, they had one user with 1.5GB of mail. After we cleaned that out, the mail for the whole domain started to flow.

Now they have one user with delivery problems again. the bounce message is as follows: "The mail system (expanded from

can't create user output file"

Virtualmin shows the following in the "mail and FTP users" area of the control panel

" paulc Paul 100 MB 156.75 MB 32.55 MB Email only No"

So He has a 100MB limit, 156MB used and 32MB of mail and no FTP. Where is the extra 120MB of storage space being used?? How do we fix this.

A search of the knowledge base shows lots of matches for similar problems, but we really just want to have this fixed and not go back over it time and time again.




The user might have some extra files under his ID elsewhere on the filesystem. Try searching for them with :

find / -user

anything in /tmp like clamav-* files can be safely deleted.

Another possible issue is the linux quota system being out of sync with reality. You can force a re-check of quotas to correct this at Limits and Validation -> Check Disk Quotas.

I have a related problem. Quota limits have all been reset to unlimited under System -> Disk Quotas.

They appear to be out of sync with the virtualmin plans for each account. Is there a way to update the system quotas for each virtual server on mass?

Thanks, Ryan