Xen Instance Updates

How do the Xen instances on my server get updated or new ones get added? Is it automatic from the regular updates or do I need to do something else? I'm looking for an Ubuntu 10.4 with Virtualmin GPL and LAMP preinstalled.

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Xen instances with Virtualmin GPL can either be updated from within themselves (using the regular Virtualmin updates feature), or can be updated from Cloudmin. There is a link on the left menu when you have a system selected to view and install updates, and you can also perform mass updates from the "List Managed System" page.

I don't think I worded it correctly. I meant the list of images available from Cloudmin->New System Images. Does that list get updated during regular Cloudmin updates or does some manual step need run?

The list of images available gets updated at most every hour, and if a new version of an image is available you will be able to download it on that page. This does not update existing system though..

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