SMTP Bandwidth


We are wanting to monitor SMTP traffic on some Virtual Servers, is there a way to do this?

Operating system Debian Linux 5.0 Webmin version 1.517
Virtualmin version 3.79 Pro

Thanks Greg



Howdy -- what sort of information are you hoping to see exactly?

To see how much email is being sent/received, you can look in System Settings -> Bandwidth Monitoring, and click Show Usage Graph, mail usage is shown there in green.

However, if you require more specific details, you may want to use another tool that parses the email log and pulls in data for all the emails that have been sent. I've had a lot of luck using the it's a third-party command line tool that can show you details about your email usage. That's not a tool that we make, but you can see details regarding it here:


We have checked the Usage Graph but it does not seem to show the send emails, we are wanting to get the bandwidth for email sent from a script, we are using the outgoing SMTP server to send it so we were hoping it would show in the graph.

This is the entry in the mail log

Jul 15 10:32:02 sv1 postfix/smtpd[15826]: connect from unknown[] Jul 15 10:32:02 sv1 postfix/smtpd[15826]: 73A203EC32C: client=unknown[], sasl_method=LOGIN, Jul 15 10:32:02 sv1 postfix/smtpd[15826]: disconnect from unknown[]

Thanks for your help Greg

The bandwidth usage statistics should include any emails that were sent or received through your server.

The log entry you have above looks like someone authenticated, but that's not an actual entry for a sent email.

Are you pretty sure that there is outgoing email traffic on your server... that it's not being routed somewhere else, such as through a local ISP's mail server?