Webmail interface

We currently use the virtualmin and have our employees in store and always connected to our network and there is no issue with the mail. The new issue is we have a few Home based employees and would like to configure the webmail feature and we have had no luck setting this up. Can someone please assist?



Howdy! What kind of problems are you having? Normally, you can load up the Usermin webmail interface by connecting to your server on port 20000. Alternatively, you can connect to mail.domain.tld, where "domain.tld" is any of the domains you have setup in Virtualmin. Connecting to mail.domain.tld will then redirect you to Usermin.

I'm happy to help you get Usermin up and running, but for future reference -- it looks like you may be a user of Virtualmin GPL rather than Pro. The Support Tracker here is typically reserved for Pro users... however, you can use the forums to get assistance with any questions you may have regarding Virtualmin or Usermin. Thanks!

The issues that we are having with the home based agents are as soon as there computers are on another network besides ours here in the shop they can no longer send mail.

The webmail would be alot more convenient for all of our users since at some points we all need access to our mail other than when in the office.. The mail.domain.tld does not redirect me. Am I missing something? Thank you for the assistance, I apologize for posting in the incorrect place.

It sounds like that issue may be related to the network topology there... let's skip the redirecting for the moment. What if you just connect to port 20000 using either the domain name or IP address of your server that runs Usermin, like the following:




What happens when you try that?

If your Usermin server is behind a NAT router, it would only work if you're forwarding port 20000 from the router to your Usermin server.

When I go to https://domain.tld:20000 It takes me to the webmin login... The only one I can log in as at this point is the admin and I do not see a way to get to the usermin server.. I came in as the IT manager after this had all been set up so without really digging into the networking which it looks like i may need to, I am unsure how it is configured.

Howdy -- By default, Usermin is put on port 20000, Webmin on 10000.

Is your Usermin server by chance behind a NAT router? If so, I'm wondering if the NAT router is port forwarding port 20000 to 10000 by accident.

Another test is to try going to https://domain.tld:10000 -- I'm curious what you see when you go there.

Hitting the 10000 port I get the "cannot connect to server" page.

Okay, so, something sounds awry there :-)

You may need to review the network setup as you mentioned.

It's unusual to see Webmin on port 10000... if your server is behind a NAT router, you may need to tweak what ports are being forwarded.

I will review the network and see what I can find thanks for the info