Backup Timing Out

I tried searching for similar issues in the forum and issue tracker, but couldn't find anything at a casual glance.

I'm trying to backup a roughly 3GB domain via the web interface for transfer to the new server. I go to the Virtualmin Backup Virtual Servers option, select the domain, select all features (including web server logs, and mailman archives), deselect all virtualmin configuration options, select a local directory to backup to, backup level full, and hit backup now.

Everything goes fine until it gets to creating the tar of the home directory. Investigation shows that the cat/tar/gzip process finishes correctly, but the script times out, and the backup never finishes.

I went to go run the backup manually via the command line with the following command:

virtualmin backup-domain --dest /home/transfers --domain --all-features --newformat

However, this set of options does not backup the mailman archives or web logs.

I attempted to look up the Command Line API documentation for Backup and Restore at,virtualmin_cat_backup_and_res... and I get the following message: "The requested page could not be found."

Help! :)

Closed (fixed)


The issue might be that your browser is timing out before the backup completes - I've seen this in IE, less so in Firefox.

As for the command-line backup, if you want to include mailman archives, you need to add the following command line flag :

--opt virtualmin-mailman archive 1

Web logs should always be included though. Which directory are they in on your system?

Okay, the timing out was happening in both Chrome and IE, so I jumped to the idea that it was the server. I didn't check Firefox.

Thanks for that command line switch. I figure it's probably for the best to do a backup via command line for a large domain like this anyway.

I ran it again, looks like it got everything.

Thanks for your help.

Ok, great. Generally you wouldn't do a backup that big in the browser anyway - instead, it would be run on schedule.