Getting Virtualmin installed.

This is continued from the post "How to install on Fedora 13"

Hi Michael -- no one here wants you to feel like you got stuck with software that doesn't work for you. If Virtualmin isn't doing what you want, simply open up a new Support ticket, and request a refund. Posted by andreychek on Sat, 2010-07-10 13:05

Thank you for your response andreychek, I really like the way Virtualmin works, I was just not happy with having to install it on CentOS 5.5 My server seems to work much better under Fedora 13, I also noticed that even with the latest version of CentOS it still used php version 5.1 And half the component were i386 file, and not x86_64. This is a 64bit system, and in Fedora all the files are x86_64 so it seems to behave much better than CentOS did.

I would still like to use Virtualmin, but just not sure if I have the knowledge of Linux to do a manual install. I did look at the file suggested to me in the last post about doing a manual install, and it said if your not very knowledgeable on your version of Linux it is very hard to do. So I don't want to mess everything up, as I have the server running, with 3 sites all live. I spent a week on this trying to get it all to work right, and right now everything works on the server. Just a few other thing I need to get worked out.

Anyway unless someone can suggest a easier way to install it on Fedora 13, by that I mean a little more step by step instructions, or at least a document I can download to follow, I would like to request a refund.

Thanks you for your time.

Regards, Michael



No problem Michael. Passing this one over to Joe for processing...