yum upgrading

I ran this...

rpm -ivh http://software.virtualmin.com/bleed/centos/5/i386/virtualmin-bleed-rele...

Then yum update php

...it updated php successfully from the virtualmiin-bleeding edge repo

you can use the yum includepkgs options to select which packages you wish to use from these repositories. We recommend you do this to only use the packages you really need to be bleeding edge versions. New packages will be rolled into this repository occasionally, and it could potentially be a rude surprise to have your MySQL or Ruby or other major package upgraded without proper planning. I cannot stress this strongly enough. Use only the packages you must have from the bleeding edge repository, and choose those packages explicitly in your virtualmin-bleed.repo file.

Now I'm worried if I do a yum update, everything is going to get updated from the bleeding edge repo. Please can you explain how I can use yum includepkgs options to configure this for php only?

Or if I delete /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualmin-bleed.repo, will this be safe?



Adding the bleeding edge repository would indeed cause your system to pull packages from there next time you run a yum update.

One option would be to edit the .repo file, and set the "enabled" option to "0". That would simply disable the repository.

Another option would be to list the packages you want yum to grab from the bleed repo in the includepkgs line in the .repo file. If you just want PHP, for example, you could set it to something like this: