What is correct ipv6 NS syntax when building a slave reverse zone?

I've built a master reverse zone for IPv6 on our primary NS and its working fine. I am trying to build a v6 slave zone on our secondary. I entered the network fine but what do I use for the master NS entry when building the slave zone? Is it the masters v4 IP address or the v6 IP address or what? I can't seem to get the zone to transfer either way.

Thanks, Bill

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This shows to be the NS of the primary but when I try to build the zone it says "not a vaild master server address"

Does this have to be present in named.conf for the server to respond?

options {
listen-on-v6 { all; }; };

The master nameserver needs to be a hostname, not an IP address .. and that hostname has to be resolvable by the slave system to either a v4 or v6 address. Thus the hostname has to be in a different domain.