install zend Optimizer for Ubuntu 8.04.4.

Hi Jamie, new ticket as requested.

I have to get running but cant get it to install, Or should I say that when i do get it to install, when I go to view the website it still shows Zen not installed

can you shed some light on this for me??

I am a newbie so you need to explain a bit easier for me thanks! I have been trying to do this for 2 days now and not much hair left:-(

Kind Regards Graham



Actually, there isn't much we can do here, as Zend isn't a supported part of Virtualmin.

However, you mentioned in your previous email a problem finding the apachectl command. On Ubuntu, it can be found at /usr/sbin/apache2ctl

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Submitted by Joe on Sat, 07/03/2010 - 17:03 Pro Licensee

As Jamie mentioned, this isn't anything we deal with...Zend is a product supported by its own company. They'd know more about it than we do.

But, you may be following instructions for the wrong type of deployment. That documentation covers a system-wide installation for mod_php. If you aren't using mod_php (and instead using mod_fcgid+suexec, which is generally the better choice for virtual hosting), you may need to follow the Zend documentation for installing in a mod_fcgid+suexec+php-cgi environment. (And the php.ini for each user is located in /home/domain/etc, which may or may not be relevant information; again, I don't know anything about Zend.)

Well Thanks for answering!!! but this does not solve my problem.... and as you guys are the pro's and I am new I thought that you would have at least tried to install this on a test server and see what I was up against!!!!

It could be something very easy but I would not know if it jumped up and slaped me but you guys would...

I will try and get this to work over the next week myself and if I cant well this is not the software or support for me.... I know before you say that its not your software (zend) but I tthought that you would have tried to install it to see what was needed....

sorry about the link in the first post not working it should be

I will let you know how I get one as, am sure that others will need this someday...

Thanks Again..

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Submitted by Joe on Sun, 07/04/2010 - 16:16 Pro Licensee

If you're getting any error messages we may be able to provide some guidance. Also, you might try posting in the forums; I know a few other Virtualmin users are using Zend.

I'm sorry we aren't being as helpful as you'd like, but Zend is a proprietary product that we have no knowledge of or control over; it's not our product and it's not something the vast majority of our users are using, so we have no experience with it. We really try hard to help, even when it's not our software, but if we don't have any expertise in the area, there isn't a lot we can do. I would assume Zend would provide support for their own products?

I tried to do a little Googling back when this ticket first showed up, but couldn't find any official documentation on Zend Optimizer, honestly, we're working blind. I don't know how we can do's proprietary software that we don't know anything about or have any control over, without any official documentation that I can find. I think you've got the impression that we already know what you need to do, and are withholding the information out of spite or orneriness or something, but we really don't know.

We, of course, will be happy to issue a full refund if you are dissatisfied for any reason, including this one.

Joe thanks for your reply could you please arrange a refund for me?

This is still great sofware I am not as advanced as I thought I was, so I will still be here reading and learning..:-)

Joe thanks for your reply could you please arrange a refund for me?

This is still great sofware I am not as advanced as I thought I was, so I will still be here reading and learning..:-)

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Submitted by ronald on Fri, 07/09/2010 - 17:04 Pro Licensee

zend needs to be installed over the command line.
Download it to the server and execute the bin. Then follow the instruction on your screen.
then you need the entry in your php.ini file.

You may need ioncube loader instead or together with zend to get your proprietry/encoded php scripts running. It really has nothing to do with virtualmin.

That's like trying to fix your bike but asking question on the how to at the bakery store
Especially when you don't know much yet of administrating a server, a tool like virtualmin will help you make it understand.

sorry to bud in on an issue thread ..

Zend extension is not that hard to install, its just like Ioncube, you just need to call it from your php.ini file.

If you extract the archive to the folder listed in the lines below you should be OK.

This is my php.ini file.

zend_extension = /home/content/n/o/r/nortonz/html/ioncube/

of course you need to know what php version you have for Ioncube., not sure if it matters in Zend.


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Submitted by ronald on Sat, 07/10/2010 - 12:26 Pro Licensee

the new Zend may not work for all php files.
I had to use the older one for instance which needs to be installed over the cli

php.ini looks like this


If you want a refund though, that's no problem, I'll pass this along to Joe for processing.