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Can we get some other Registrars?

Distribute.it doesn't even exist anymore (I don't think).

Why we don't already have something with Network Solutions, GoDaddy and 1and1 yet, I don't know. Aren't they the three largest Registrars in the world? I suppose that also may make it more difficult to partner with them, though I would think Mr. Bob Parsons from GoDaddy would love that kind of partnership.

GoDaddy already has a Reseller API too!



If you can put me in contact with someone at GoDaddy who can provide access to their API for testing and development, I would be happen to support them.

The registrars supported in Virtualmin are those that have an API, and don't require joining some really expensive reseller program in order to use it.

I will try to get this information. I'm not promising that I can, just that I happen to have lived in the same area as the founder of GoDaddy, Mr. Bob Parsons. Other people participating on his blog, facebook page or web site, may respond to me, being from the area.

We shall see!