could not work out primary disk image

We have a system we are adding as a KVM Host System. While scanning for KVM instances on the host, we are getting the following error:

Finding running KVM processes .. .. found 1 processes Processing KVM command /usr/libexec/qemu-kvm -S -M rhel5.4.0 -m 4096 -smp 4 -name klingon -uuid 5f0290ca-a729-5a79-18bf-b40285d30c20 -no-kvm-pit-reinjection -monitor pty -pidfile /var/run/libvirt/qemu// -boot c -drive file=/boot_drives/klingon.img,if=virtio,index=0,boot=on,cache=none -drive file=,if=ide,media=cdrom,index=2 -drive file=/dev/disk/by-path/,if=virtio,index=1 -net nic,macaddr=54:52:00:0e:41:9c,vlan=0,model=virtio -net tap,fd=15,script=,vlan=0,ifname=vnet0 -serial pty -parallel none -usb -vnc -k en-us .. .. could not work out primary disk image

This is the only KVM instance configured on the system. It was created using virt-manager and has 3 disks attached to it. The boot drive is a file-based disk image on an NFS server (index=0). There is an iSCSI disk attached using its "by-path" name under /dev (index=1). Finally, there is a cdrom device with no disk inserted (index=2).

The host system is running CentOS 5.5 with latest updates.



Looks like a bug..

Are you running Cloudmin 4.6 there?

Also, did this happen when scanning for all KVM instances on a host, or when adding just a single one?

Yes, Cloudmin 4.6.

This happened when scanning for all KVM instances on the host (i.e. when the host was added to Host Systems > KVM Host Systems)

Ok, I see the problem .. this is a Cloudmin bug.

The fix is to replace the file /usr/libexec/webmin/server-manager/ with the file attached to this bug report, then run /etc/webmin/restart

This fix will also be in Cloudmin 4.7.

Great! That fixed it. Thanks for the quick response!

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Same issue here and I do not find the fixed file to download. Please help!

subn3t - latest releases of Cloudmin should already include this fix

Thank you for the fast answer Jamie, but I am running Cloudmin version 9.5 on Fedora 33 and when I try to add already running instance and Cloudmin just do not see them. Using qemu-kvm-x86_64 . Any ideas?