FTP Not working

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I've setup a new installation of the Virtualmin Pro AMI on Amazon's EC2 using ElasticFox.

First question, your instructions for port settings show us what to open using command line interface. I've opened the same ports using ElasticFox, but I don't know what options to select for each of the port numbers. There are things like TCP/IP, HTTP, SSH, etc. to choose from along with a host and network series of IP addresses. Can you instruct in more detail what to choose on these settings?

Second question, despite the above, I can login with my Cyberduck FTP and see files, etc. but I can't upload anything. It sometimes creates folders, but generally I can't delete folders or put anything on the server. I'm unclear how to setup a SFTP connection.

Thus, I don't know if my problem comes from the first or second question above. I've seen a few other threads about the FTP issue and ran some commands to no avail.

This is very frustrating, as without being able to upload the CMS and files, the server is useless.

Thanks for your help.



The best place to see port number and names is in the file /etc/services on any Linux system.

As for FTP, the issue is most likely that EC2 instances are behind a NAT gateway, so the FTP protocol may be blocked. However, most FTP clients have an option to use "passive" mode, which may resolve the problem.

Or you can use SSH/SCP.