Problems with e-mail - Bounced for bounced (User unknown in virtual alias table)


I am having problems with a form on a website located on my virtualmin server. The website is built on Wordpress with the plugin CformsII and the form works great when I send the form to my own e-mail, but doesen't work at all when I try to send it to my customer (owner of the website).

When I check the Mail Log in Virtualmin I find this: Details of single logged message Message ID 0B64FD74A2 Date and time received 22/jun/2010 08:31 Sender's address Recipient's address Delivery type Handled by email alias Destination mailbox user None Message size 3.62 kB Final destination Bounced for bounced (User unknown in virtual alias table)

It seems like the form e-mail is not send becasue the Final desitnation is set to "Bounced for bounced (User unknown in virtual alias table)". How can this be resolved?

Thanks for your help


Johan Falk



Howdy -- a few questions for you --

Is the address "" an address hosted on your server?

If so, is it an account, or an alias?

And do other emails to addresses/aliases on your server deliver correctly?

If it's an account/alias on your server, what I'd start out by doing is double-checking the settings for that particular address in Virtualmin, and make sure there isn't anything unusual about it... perhaps some sort of forwarding setup, for example.

The adress is not hosted on my server. It is hosted at a company called and he is using their webmail feature.

Thanks for your help

Hrm, well, if the script works with other email addresses, and is hosted on a remote server, it sounds like that issue may be one with the other server, not with your script.

Though, we can test that...

First, verify that the "mailx" package is installed (it's a small command line mail tool) by running "apt-get install mailx".

After that, see what happens if you try to send an email to that account from the command line on your server using something like this:

echo "Test Message" | mail -s "Test!"

After running that, can you post the logs that get generated in /var/log/mail.log?