Migrate to cPanel


we have a customer that has grown a lot and now they are moving to a dedicated server. They stay with us but they want to have cPanel, so we need to deal with this request.

I couldn't find any information about this so any help would be very appreciated.




Howdy -- similar to how Virtualmin has the ability to migrate backups from cPanel, Plesk, and such -- one thing you could do is check with the features of cPanel and see if they offer a way to migrate Virtualmin backups to a cPanel server.

Also, Virtualmin has a feature for "importing" a domain that already exists on the system, and to take control of it. If you can't migrate Virtualmin backups, it's possible that cPanel offers a mechanism for importing domains if they already exist on the system.

Outside of those two ideas -- your question is one regarding the features of cPanel, which is something we're not too familiar with :-)

You probably want a cPanel expert to walk you through the specifics here, as the details of handling a migration require intimate knowledge of their product.

If you're looking to buy a cPanel license, that probably entitles you to some form of support. My suggestion would be to work with the cPanel support team on the specifics of how you'd migrate to their software.

Eric is right here - migration is generally up to the product you want to migrate to, as it would be hard for Virtualmin to produce a valid cPanel backup file that can be imported by cPanel.

In the worst case, you could perform a manual migration by re-creating the same domain in cPanel, re-creating mailboxes and aliases, and then copying across the public_html directory and mail files manually.