No SSH keys have been defined yet... after defining an SSH key


I've just started trying out cloudmin on EC2. I've followed the instructions at but it's not working.

I have defined an SSH key, yet cloudmin refuses to launch any servers, claiming I have yet to define any SSH keys.

I have attached screenshots.

Cheers, knet



The docs are a little lacking here .. the real issue is that you haven't generated any EC2 SSH keys.

On the Add SSH Key form, you need to select Generate new EC2 key. Alternately, you can choose on that same form to import an already-generated EC2 SSH key.

If I have existing keys and don't want to use generated keys, what would I do? Or are you saying that's not an option? This will only work if I use generated keys?

Cheers, knet.

If you already have an EC2 SSH key, you can import it using that same Add SSH Key page. However, it has to be a key generated by EC2 .. as far as I know, there's no way to use an arbitrary SSH key with EC2.