My make the server very high loading...

Dear All ,

Recently , we find that my server run on virtualmin , sometime the webmin /usermin and virtulamin page very slow. I saw the top command and findout many many "" was running by root....

the loading growup to 50-70.....The usermin/webmin/virtualmin don't responerson and click.....Like hung up...

After around 5-10 mins...the loading become normal..

This problem is usually happen in my server. around 4-5 time per one day.

Any one can help me ? Is it the loading cause by ?

Can i kill them when i saw a high loading ?



Well, it's difficult to say what exactly the problem is... in addition to looking at "top", you may also want to take a look at the full process list by running "ps auxw" from the command line, and verifying that everything you see there appears correct.

Also, you can tell what's going on with Webmin / Virtualmin at any given moment by looking at /var/webmin/miniserv.log. You can use that to determine what sort of activity is taking place.

You can determine what's going on within Usermin by looking in /var/usermin/miniserv.log.

Both Webmin and Usermin use a process called "" that runs as root. You'd need to use "ps" in order to determine which one it is that has a lot of processes running.