Postfix mailq holding a lot of email sent to one user ?

Dear Sir , I had got the problem on receive delay email.

Today , i check my postfix mailq , there are 150mail queue.

The holding email receiver is the same user call " user1 "

Another mail sent to user2 , user3 is normal.

I don't why the mail can't sent into "user1" , I already check user1 quota is not exceed.

I also restart my postfix. ,Requeue the mail , BUt the mail still here?

Any body can help me ?



The problem was fixed by stop the lookup-domain and restart the postfix.

After the above action , the mailq is clears.................

We think that the have bug ?

Is it ?

Since the lookup-domain-daemon was hung, it wasn't able to process email the way it should... and Virtualmin had to fall back to the longer "lookup-domain" processes to to the job without the daemon. Since it takes longer to process emails that way, it appears that a backlog had formed.

Things like that can happen with daemons on rare occasions, it's difficult to diagnose it after occurring only one time.

However, if you see that it continues to happen in the future, let us know and we can try and determine the circumstances that are causing the issue.