Cannot Create Sub Servers

Every sub-server I create is non fuctional.I checked the DNS records. There are A records, Name server etc for the new sub domain.



still broke Help

If there are 'A' records, I'm not seeing them when querying your nameservers.

What if you restart BIND, does that help? You can restart BIND by typing "/etc/init.d/named restart" on CentOS, or "/etc/init.d/bind9 restart" on Debian or Ubuntu.

If that doesn't work, do you see any errors in the logfiles in /var/log?

I got disgusted and removed it.
However, after getting you email I recreated I made sure that there is a "A" record for and the nameservers,

The subserver still does not work. I've checked the sub-server template over and over again.


So what happens when you try restarting BIND as described above -- and if that doesn't work, what shows up in the logs?

i didn't see anything in the logs. the restart command didn't work.

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The work around was to create a master DNS zone and MANUALLY create the "A" and "NS" record entries. This should'nt have to be so. Sub-servers should be functional out of the box.