Sub-Servers are all messed up

I created two demo servers for clients and ( is an old sub server that never worked.)

I guess the real problem is that the script that creates servers and sub servers is not configured correctly.

ERROR: I couldn't find any A records for But I did find a referral to (and maybe others). If you want a website at, you will need an A record for If you do not want a website at, you can ignore this error.



By default, Virtualmin should setup 'A' records for the 'www' address of any domain being added onto your system.

Looking in the zone file for (/etc/bind/, I do see 'A' records for both and

Exactly which records are created can be tweaked by going into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> BIND DNS Domain -- you can see the records to be created in the "Address records for new domains" field.

I got it to somewhat work by making a MASTER domain for the subserver. I should'nt have to do that.