Mail Loops

Dear Sir , Today i find the one email forward problem....

When i setup one account and setup the forwarding to a few user. The forward setting is write on ~.procmailrc file .

Eg. will forward to , ,

When the user1 or 2 the quota exceed. There are bounce back email to Then , the bounce back email will forward again to user1,2,3..... , Then bounce back mail again and again.... It like a typhoon..... Is it a bug ? , Or normal email system behavior ?

Any body can help me ?



My suggestion is to make sure that whatever the "From" address you're using for sending Virtualmin emails -- that emails sent to it won't bounce.

Outside of that, in the case you're describing, there's not much you'd be able to do to prevent that... you'd just want to make sure that the quota for the user who receives replies to Virtualmin emails is large enough to always be able to receive them.

You can modify what user is used in the "From" address in Virtualmin emails by setting "From: address for email sent by Virtualmin" in System Settings -> Module Config.

I find the settinf "From : address " , But what should i type ?

You can set it to any valid address or account -- I'm just suggesting that you run the risk of mail loops (such as you're seeing) if the account you set it to is capable of bouncing.

So whatever address you choose to set it to, make sure it either doesn't have a quota, or that it has a really high quota :-)