Any Limited user or domain in one virtualmin Server ?

Dear Sir ,

After my server gowing up , We find that the server very slow at sometime.

We find that the loading going to around 50 ?

And monitoring a lot of is running....

Otherwise , we want to know is it have the limited of (recommand) domain or user in virtualmin ?



There's no real limit, it's all going to depend on your hardware and the sort of traffic your domains are seeing.

Some folks have hundreds of domains on a single server without a problem.

If at any point, you're seeing too high a load on a single server, it may mean your hardware isn't able to keep up with the load your sites are generating, and you may need to consider moving some of your domains to a different server.

Before doing that, I'd suggest spending some time to figure out what exactly is causing your load to spike.

If you're seeing lookup-domain a lot, that means you may be seeing a lot of email traffic. You may want to research where all the email is coming from (or going to).

Also, make sure the process is running - without it, the lookup-domain process will be much slower.

If it is not running, you can start it with the command /etc/init.d/lookup-domain start

Thank Andreychek and Jamie ,

How can i check the is running ?

Is it type " ps -auxw |grep lookup-domain " ?

Thank a lot!

That's a good place to start -- what output do you receive when typing this:

ps auxw | grep lookup-domain

The result is the below :

root 12280 2.5 1.2 38584 34568 ? SNs May25 32:43 /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/

root 29804 0.0 0.0 3912 652 pts/1 R+ 12:23 0:00 grep lookup-domain

Is it running ?

Yes, it looks like it is running OK.

If you check the log file /var/webmin/lookup-domain-daemon.log , does a line get added to it for each email your system receives?

Yup! That's the lookup daemon running, which is good.

Is it normal , the lookup-domain-damon is keep running time = 180 and growing up.

The second pic show many many lookup-domain is running .

Is it normal ?

Please adivce.

What happens if you restart the lookup daemon -- you can do that by running this on the command line:

/etc/init.d/lookup-domain restart

After running that, do you notice a drop in how many of the processes are running?

Also, do you see any errors showing up in /var/log/maillog or /var/log/procmail.log?

I find the following message show in procmail.log


Timeout connecting to Timeout connecting to


Is it back result ?

Yeah, something in the lookup-domain-daemon process may have hung. Try restarting the process by typing this on the command line:

/etc/init.d/lookup-domain restart