Domain on Virtualmin


I wonder if you can help with some issues which are on a bit of a tangent. I transferred a domain to the server yesterday but I was unfamiliar with the control panel. The domain is which has been pointed. The A record works but I can't access the site when I type in www.domain, only through Secondly the MX records don't have an IP. Is this something I can configure through Virtualmin?




Howdy -- it looks like your nameservers point to,, and

If those aren't nameservers that you control, that means you'd need to setup all the names and aliases for your domains on those nameservers -- usually, providers would offer a web interface allowing you to do that.

The nameservers are with the company we registered the domain with. I've managed to resolve the A record problem but their control panel won't let me enter an IP for the mx record. At the moment the IP is when it should be and thus the host can not be found when sending/receiving mail on the domain. Anything I can do from virtualmin?

Well, that may be a solvable problem on the part of your provider -- you may be able to fix that easily just by asking them why it won't allow you to setup an IP address for your MX record.

An alternative would be to setup your own server to act as a nameserver for the domains you host.

For that to work, you'd first need to register your IP addresses (you usually need two) with your registrar as "nameservers". Once you do that, you can set your own server as the nameserver of your domain(s).

However, it sounds like what you're seeing may be a bug in your providers interface, and I suspect they'd be able to help you get that resolved without much hassle.