Upgrade to php 5.2.13 in bleeding edge repo

Because I am "stuck" with RHEL 5 AND needed php 5.2 for many items, I switched over to using the bleeding edge repo for php a while back. I thought I had read that this was also being kept up to date for the few items in it, such as php 5.2, etc.

If that's not the case, then I apologize for sounding like I'm complaining! Well, I guess I don't want to sound that way even if it IS the case...

Anyway, my system is at 5.2.11, and reports that everything is current. I'm wondering when the repo will be updated, or is it recommended that one NOT update to 5.2.13?

Also, in regard to the notice about "unexpected upgrades" in the documentation page http://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/id%2Cvirtualmin_bleeding_edge_pa...

Perhaps you could post a note in News a couple of days ahead of time, or create a new section for bleeding edge repo news that people could subscribe to ?

I've always wondered why that page says it is out of date, since there's no equivalent in the newer documentation pages?



I'm assigning this to Joe so he can look into and comment up upgrading the bleeding edge repo to use PHP 5.2.13.