Virtualmin Mail Relay question

Why do you need to add a default MX record for this plugin ? Shouldn't that be set per domain instead ?

EG; If a client uses google apps they will have 5 MX records to add.



Are you sure you want to use the mail relay plugin when delivering email to gmail? It would be simpler to just not enable the mail or mail relay features, and instead set MX records for the domain pointing to google's servers. You can even setup a custom template for this with the records pre-populated..

But still who only has 1 MX record these days ? You should be able to define more then 1 and certainly not any default ones. I originally suggested this plugin but I didn't think it through enough.

So is all you want is a domain that has multiple MX records, and doesn't receive or relay email on the virtualmin system at all?

Well yes.. per domain. I find more often then not clients are editing the dns incorrectly and doing things like

MX 0 mail

which are wrong -- I need something that is stupid proof or close to it for clients to use when they use outside mail servers.

So what I would recommend is creating a template that has additional DNS records for gmail, and then allow customers to select that template when creating a domain.

I was using gmail as an example -- I have clients that use more then just google apps -- some use a MS Exchange and others use a external mail server that does filtering and/or acts as a gateway.

So if you want email to be relayed via your virtualmin box and then delivered to a single mail server (like exchange) you should use the mail relay feature. For completely handing off mail process to gmail, use a template.

Unfortunately the mail relay plugin cannot support multiple destination mail servers, as postfix doesn't support that in its transport map.