phpmail not functioning

I just noticed that i am not getting mails form my contact form on my site. the site is wordpress powered. This has been going on for over a month. I have recently switched everything to running fcgi as the user but this issue predates that. How do i get phpmail working again? Let me know what details you need..:)



Howdy -- if you're having trouble with a web app, you'll want to take a peek in the Apache logs. Fill out your contact form, submit it, then take a peek in $HOME/logs/error_log to see what sort of problems are coming up.

after some additional trouble shooting i foudn thei ssue. I have mail enabled on the daomin in question but i use google apps. I did have one mailbox enabled on the local machine with the local mahcine as a 50 MX. The problem was that instead of routing the mail according to MX the virtual server was simply tkaing all of the mail generated internally and routing it to my local mailbox..which wasn't being used. I had to delete the mailbox and manually remove the local server from the local mx records to ahve the mail get routed by virtualmin to hte google aps servers. I would clal this a bug now.

Yeah, if you were seeing email going into a local mailbox -- that means Postfix thought it was supposed to deliver locally for that domain. There are configurations that cause Postfix to deliver email locally before consulting with the MX records... and that would certainly occur if a local account existed for that domain.

The key there is that if you'd like a Virtual Server to have email hosted elsewhere, that's no problem, but Mail for Domain can't be enabled for that Virtual Server.

yes which is a it then erases all the mx records and i have to manually rebuild the mx records in bind for that domain..which i just found out about for another domain hosted on the same box..