Failed to create mailing list : A list with the same name already exists


I'm not sure if I configured mailman the correct way? I can't find any documentation on this topic on the virtualmin website. I configured mailman using the official documentation. I stopped at because I'm not sure if this is needed when I use virtualmin. I can create mailing list but when I try to add a mailing list to a new domain with the same name as a mailing list in another domain I get this message:

Failed to create mailing list : A list with the same name already exists

So I think the virtual hosts in mailman are not set up correctly. Do you have any guidelines on how to do this.

thanks, Martijn



If you installed Virtualmin from our script, there shouldn't be an extra Mailman setup needed - you can just enable that feature for a domain, and then create a list at Services -> Mailing Lists.

What is the name of the list you are trying to create?

There is no way to setup virtualmin with a script on Solaris. I installed mailman from source and I'm trying to integrate with virtualmin

Sure, there's a solaris install script .. although it is only suitable for use on an empty freshly installed system.

But a manual setup should work too.

Is this new list named 'mailman' ? Or does a list with the same name exist in some other domain?

Howdy -- there is an installation script for Solaris... you can download it when you go to this URL:

Under where it says download, click the "Solaris" link rather than the "Linux" link.

However, the script is best on new servers... if this is for a server that's already live, with existing sites and such, I wouldn't recommend using it.

I tried to create a list named mailmantest in one domain, that was succesful. Then I tried to create a list mailmantest in another domain and that failed with the message above.

That is expected - mailman doesn't allow the same list to exist in more than one domain.

Yes, but unfortunately Virtualmin doesn't implement virtual mailman lists like that, sorry ..