[RFE] lshell

hi, is there is a way to implement the lshell (http://lshell.ghantoos.org/) which is a limited shell ? this could be a security enforcement by limiting the number of available commands.

Here an example of a basic configuration :

lshell.py configuration file

[global] logpath : /var/log/lshell loglevel : 2

[default] allowed : ['ll', 'cd', 'echo', 'passwd'] forbiden : [';', '&', '|', '`', '>', '<'] warning_counter : 2 aliases : {'ll':'ls -l'}

More, it is possible to limit the access to some directories (chroot like ;-) ) Disconnect after a certain time etc ...

Closed (fixed)


Howdy -- once you've installed a shell, you're able to configure it within Virtualmin by going into System Customization -> Custom Shells.

Within that screen, you can choose which types of users it should have that shell as the default.

Hoped it would be installed "by default" ... anyway, I tryed System Customization -> Custom Shells and forced some users with few commands ... That worked finally :)

Regs, SaouLLaBiT