mydomain.tld/awstats won't load

I had been trying to allow direct access to awstats for users who prefer to look up their stats without having to first log in to their control panel.

Coming across a few posts I fixed the ScriptAlias /awstats directive for the domain which ended in "/cgi-bin" to "/cgi-bin/"

Going to mydomain.tld/awstats now prompts for username and password, but once authenticated, awstats still doesn't load, it just times out. I've looked in the domain's error logs as well as the Apache server error logs and the auth.log but none have any meaningful information.




Could you give us an example AWstats URL that is failing? I'd like to try accessing it myself ..

Since the awstats requires authentication, I'll email you if you don't mind and follow up here.


You're right, it hangs when loading that page..

Is the process using up a lot of CPU time on your system?

So it looks like is hanging up on something, but it is hard to say what.

One way to check what it is doing is with a command like :

strace -p XXX

where XXX is the PID of the process. This will generate a bunch of output showing what system calls it is making..


So, I was able to narrow down part of the problem and can get things to partially work. The first issue was my IDS blocking me :)

Now that that has been resolved there are a couple of sites which I can only connect by going to domain.tld/cgi-bin/ rather than domain.tld/awstats.

For those sites this is what shows up in the Apache error log:

File does not exist: /home/domain.tld/www/, referer: http://domain.tld/awstats

This error always occurs 4 times in quick succession. The for these particular domains is the same as for other domains that do work:

exec /usr/lib/cgi-bin/


The only path we really support is /awstats/ , or /cgi-bin/ . I'm not sure how /awstats alone would work on any of your domains ..