Change path like most ISP's

We made a test server and like to use the same paths as on our production server. Most ISP's use: /home/user/domains/domainname/public_html

In the actual virtualmin configuration I need to use: /home/user/public_html

How can I change this to: /home/user/domains/domainname/public_html





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Submitted by tpnsolutions on Tue, 04/20/2010 - 11:33


I recently implemented a work around for this behavior.

For each user you setup simply do the following:

  1. Create dummy "top-level" server.

  2. In the dummy server, set the domain to something like "userX".

*** the above step sets the top-level server to a non-existant user. ***

  1. Disable all features, except "mySQL" and "Webmin" login.

  2. Now create a "sub-server" with the actual domain(s) you want to create.

Now you'll have a master login for each user per the "dummy" top-level server, and your users can upload their files to:


I hope this helps!

If you need further instructions, please let me know.


Yes, I recommend Peter's method .. there is currently no way to configure Virtualmin to put all domains into sub-directories otherwise.