Readmail showing the wrong mailbox for one user, all other users unaffected?

Awkward issue, running virtualmin 3.76 GPL on centos 5.4.

When one of my users logs into usermin, lets say "jack.mydomain" to read their mail (, it says they're logged into the correct email account "" on the top left, but it is actually showing the folders from another email account on the same domain - "" ?

It shows all the folders / emails / sent messages from, but not jack's emails!

I checked out home/mydomain/homes/jack/Maildir and all the emails and folders are there, and in addition when I go to read user mail through webmin, all of jack's emails are visible.

When I log into info.mydomain through usermin it also functions fine.

Logging into the email through imap via works fine as well, all of jacks emails & folders are shown.

This same box hosts a couple other virtual servers with many email accounts and they seem unaffected, it's only 1 email address that is affected. The 15 or so email accounts on the same domain are unaffected as well.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Closed (fixed)


Found the source of the problem. "Change IMAP login" on the top right of usermin/readmail - this DOES NOT log a user out as would be expected... but simply changes the IMAP mailbox being displayed! The left-hand preferences such as manage folders, address book, mail preferences etc. still stay logged in as the first user.

What had happened was a coworker had sat down at the client's machine and simply went to "change IMAP login" to read their email and put their own credentials in, and then went on their merry way. However, even when the user jack logged out, it STILL stayed as the previous users email account!! That is why jack was seeing his co-workers email instead of his!

The functionality of "change IMAP login" seriously should be adjusted. It should serve as a general purpose logout and re-login, or at least warn the user of the repercussions.

There goes 4 wasted hours chasing around my tail... :P

Yeah, that logout link doesn't really make much sense in Virtualmin, where a user will pretty much always be logging into the IMAP server using the same username and password he logged into the webmail interface with. I will remove it in the next Usermin release (1.440).

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.