Issue Adding SSL Cert

I'm seeing some cases where trying to install a new SSL cert/key (in manage SSL certificate -> New Certificate) is causing Virtualmin to seemingly "hang".

It appears to not do anything other than eat up CPU and memory -- the miniserv process uses up 100% of the CPU and I killed it when it reached 2GB of memory after about 5 minutes.

One thing I notice is that in the cases I see this, it's been on Debian systems where the domain in question is the "default" domain.

I see Virtualmin trying to add SSL to the file example.conf -- but actually, since it's the default domain, I believe that should be 0-example.conf. Could that be an issue?



Hi Eric,

I doubt if this is related to a domain being the default, as for the purposes of adding an SSL cert the code doesn't care which file it is in. However, I could be proven wrong :-)

When you see this, if you run strace -p XXXX where XXXX is the PID of the process that is using up all that CPU, what does it output? You should see logs about what files it is opening, which are handy for debugging.

Also, running lsof -p XXXX on the process give me some useful info on open files..