SpamAssassin *WAY* too aggressive after virgin installation

Same installation as on ticket 14000 and 14001.

After installation, initially ALL new email ends up in the spam folder, and no mail gets through - obviously spamassassin is configured to be way too aggressive OOTB. Obviously, catching the incorrectly labeled spam, and either forwarding it to hamtrap, or using usermin's ability to mark it as ham fixes the issue, but that's not really a solution for a virtual server situation.

the emails that were classified as spam, incorrectly, came from dotMac, dotMe, gMail, and even its own server.

I don't consider this alltogether normal.

How can this be initially made less aggressive?



I suspect something is wrong, as SpamAssassin should actually have pretty sane defaults.

Can you post the email headers for one of the emails you had that was flagged as spam?

We can use those to figure out why SpamAssassin marked it as spam, which will hopefully show what's going awry. Thanks!

One thing you could try is editing /etc/mail/spamassassin/ and adding the following line :

score FH_DATE_PAST_20XX 0.0

Some SpamAssassin packages include an old rules file that has a bug that causes all email sent in 2010 to be classified as spam..