Email Issues After Backup & Restore

I used the backup & restore functions to transfer sites between boxes. The boxes are pretty much identical as far as I can tell. Everything worked beautifully, and was so much simpler than trying to do rsync or something, so thanks there.

The issue is that on the new box, emails just sit in the queue. No errors, nothing. I can't find a reason why. Do you have any suggestions?



I just found these errors in the maillog:

fatal: timeout connecting to transport: local

Glad to hear you were able to do a backup and restore.

So when you attempt to send an email, what all shows up in /var/log/maillog relating to that email?

Do you see any errors in that logfile when you restart Postfix, using /etc/init.d/postfix restart?

I just saw your second comment:

fatal: timeout connecting to transport: local

What I would try is restarting Postfix, and from there, seeing if any errors immediately show up in the logs, it could potentially be a configuration issue that would show up during a restart.

postfix/master[20855]: warning: process /usr/libexec/postfix/local pid 20860 exit status 1 postfix/master[20855]: warning: /usr/libexec/postfix/local: bad command startup -- throttling

Hrm, do those appear to be the only two messages in there relating to the error?

The one thing I don't see in there is an actual message describing what's wrong (such as a syntax error of some sort).

Is there maybe a "fatal" message right above or below that?

Also, what output do you get if you run:

postconf -n

Perhaps something in that will stand out as a problem.

It was hidden amongst others:

postfix/local[21008]: fatal: configuration error: mailbox_size_limit is smaller than message_size_limit

However those settings are as follows:

message_size_limit = 26214400 mailbox_size_limit = 2147483648

So it's obviously not smaller.

I took those out and mail is being delivered now. But I have those settings on every server and have no issues. If I don't then I always get customers complaining about attachments not coming through.

I'd double-check that there isn't a second instance of either of those settings hiding in the somewhere.

Other than that, you might try setting them both to the same thing to see if that helps.