Update to 4.2 fails


while updating it fails with:

Updating server-manager to version 4.2 .. .. update failed : Could not find package to update named server-manager

Thanks for checking



Howdy -- what OS or Linux distribution are you using?


im running this:

Operating system Debian Linux 5.0 Webmin version 1.500
Cloudmin version 4.1

Hope that helps :)

Okay, great. I'd love to see your sources.list file, to make sure nothing is wrong with the repository.

Can you attach your /etc/apt/sources.list file? Thanks!

Yeah, as you notice too, I don't see anything Virtualmin or Cloudmin related in your sources.list file.

Do you recall how you initially installed Cloudmin? Did you by chance use the install.sh script?

yes i did - and all the prior updated to cloudmin worked like a charm, strangely the sources.list has a timestamp from 10th juli 2009.

i have no idea where the cloudmin source may has gone :)

I guess i see the error here - i used the "Installs Cloudmin and all dependencies on a generic system" script - which i suppose is the exactl wrong one for debian - sigh.

Is there any way to install it the debian way without losing all my settings?

Well, if you run:

dpkg -l webmin-server-manager

What output do you see?

nada, nothing, nil :( not even with dpkg -l webmin - i simply didnt realize there was a debian link in my license area. I just used the generic wget thinggy.

I suppose i cant just run the debian over the generic one?

If you did the "generic" install, the cloudmin repos won't show up in sources.list.

What is the output from grep up /etc/webmin/webmin/config ?

Can you verify that the upuser and uppass lines match the serial and key in /etc/server-manager-license ?

Hello again,

yes its the same user and key and matches my account as well

Ok, I think I see the cause - this is a Cloudmin bug. I will email you a fix for it ..

If you like, I can login to your system myself and see what is going wrong.

If that is possible, please email me directly at jcameron@virtualmin.com