vps server crash upon creating Xen instance

Hi I created a Xen instance with size of 50GB and 2GB RAM the way I have created smaller Xen instances. It went well until: Starting new Xen instance.

The whole server crashed or at least the network interface became unreachable. After a reboot of the server all was fine and the new instance was also up and running.



How close was this VPS host system to running out of RAM? Could the cause have been that the new Xen instance used up all or almost all the remaining RAM?

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Submitted by ronald on Thu, 03/18/2010 - 13:07 Pro Licensee

it had more than 5GB RAM left when creating the xen instance, now over 3GB left.
my suspicion is going towards the eth0 crashing. I have found no odd log entries.
The vps was created and after reboot of the vps server everything was fine incl. the big Xen instance

Ok .. it's rather hard to debug this then, unless there was something useful logged to /var/log/messages just before the crash?