mysql issue when backup/restore

Hello, Congratulations for the backup/restore tool for virtual servers.

I did a site move from a Debian 4.0 Virtualmin 1.500 to a new Debian 5.0 Virtualmin 1.500 one almost successfully.

If you consider that OS and its apps versions are new ones, the task had to be done with portability in mind. And it was! Most site configurations, multiple concurrent php versions, databases (despite different engine versions) were there.

I found some small issues.

One of them regards mysql user account and permissions.

A virtual site mysql user was created with the vsite admin login credentials (if i recall correctly) instead of its own old ones and without any permissions on tables.

I manually edited the mysql user accounts , assigned correct passwords and granted the intended permissions and it worked. When dealing with many virtual sites, it could become a time consuming task.

I hope this report helps to improve such good tool.


Andre Felipe Machado



Thanks for the positive feedback on the backup feature!

So was this extra MySQL user created using Virtualmin's "Edit Mail and FTP Users" page? Currently only users with DB access created there will get included in backups ..

Hello, Unfortunately, I can not remember exactly how the mysql user was created. I guess that was at mysql admin pages, because it is a mysql only user, accessing from the site app. Or even by the cms installation script, that likely checks if cms user exists before creating a new one.

Well, maybe an alert at "Edit Mail and FTP Users" page could help to prevent some confusion. This way, who creates mysql users by hand or at mysql admin pages will know that will have to take care of them theirselves during backup/restores.

I solved it for my one site, manually, after realizing what was missing, from the site cms not so clear error behaviour.

But for many sites migrations or backup/restores, this could be a time consuming task. If at mysql admin pages could be inserted code to include users at backup, automation could be improved.

From the user standpoint, it is a problem, because Virtualmin silently behaves in an unexpected way, (despite being somewhat easy to correct manually), without an alert. It backuped and restored user and its tables and databases, but without privileges nor correct password.

If it is technically not feasible to implement this feature, at least an alert at mysql admin pages, and backup and restore pages, and other user creation/edit pages, would help.

Regards. Andre Felipe

It isn't really practical for Virtualmin to backup MySQL users created outside its own UI like this, as they can't be reliably associated with a virtual server - you might add a user who can edit DBs in more than one domain, or even all domains.