virtualmin is very slow


We have a server with mass amount of virtual servers, and the virtualmin processes are going slower and slower but now it's really slow. just some example:

Create a new virtual server: ~30 sec - it's nearly ok. add an email user: 20 sec - it's ok nearly mysql add/delete: 10 sec - it's ok modify a customer's apache config like add an url redirect: ~2 minutes delete a virtual server: ~90 sec / domain

modify a server template (apache directives): 20-30 minutes after that time the is terminating somehow and browser just wait the server's replay. and then if we check the situation we see the modification is done

server load details: load on the server is 0.8-2 usually if webmin process start it go up to 7-8 but the server can handle the incoming requests so that's not a problem. in this period running and eat a some resources: ~200 mb ram and cpu time: usually ~5% and sometime it can be 99% too

it's some apache issue maybe because other stuffs working well, maybe some locking problem with the conf files? (it's just a personal idea not a fact)

some details maybe this will help: Virtual servers 1800 DNS domains 1745 Virtual websites 1331 SSL websites 0 Mail domains 1247 Databases 535 Mail/FTP users 2845 Mail aliases 1905

if we can help to find out this issue just notice. Our support team is stucked a bit now, because they need too much time to wait the virtualmin now.




You may be pushing the limits of the number of virtual servers virtualmin can handle..

What are the RAM and CPU specs of this machine?

the HW was a IBM eServer x3400- Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5320 @ 1.86GHz and 6 Gb RAM

we upgrade it now with one more CPU and more 4Gb RAM. so the situation is much better, but still not really fast.

to make a 301 redirect speed is now 1 min and before the upgrade it was 2:30-3 mins. but example a 301 apache redirect can be a faster a bit anyway :)

Generally this server is on full soon i think, some new load stats: if we stop webmin, server run with 0.3-1 load and with webmin activity it go up to 2-4.

if you have no time for performance issues we can close this issue i think.

thanks Lawrence

So Apache is slow too? That is very odd ... I can understand Virtualmin's UI being slow with a large number of domains, but regular website access should still be fast.

no, apache is ok. if we modify the site config manually (via ssh) that's works ok. apache reload is 3-5 sec only.

if we use, example: Services / Configure Website / Aliases and Redirects that's 1 min.+

Does it take 1 minute to just open that page, 1 minute to save, or 1 minute to apply the configuration change?

open: ~3sec apply: ~5 sec

The save process is slow only.

If you like, I'd be happy to login to your system myself and see what is going wrong here.

It sounds like some poor code in Webmin that is making Apache config file updates take longer than they should..

i talked with my collages so you can take a look around here.

How can we manage this thing then? Allow access via webmin / Remote Login Privileges to you? or what is the correct solution for the remote login procedure? thanks