Postfix Relay/SMTP authentication How Configure?


You could help me

I searched the manuals and forum will, I see nothing in particular.

I want to configure postfix as using SMTP authentication, it asks me username and password that allows but never with the right information.

It also does not allow relays to other servers via SMTP, can allow only valid users on the server, which re-send an email to another server via email client like Outlook I get the error 554 relay not permitted

Some good and easy tutorial or Virtualmin can do, investigate and see no options relay, authentication and do not see how



Howdy -- a few thoughts on all that --

  • Make sure that in Outlook, it's configured to authenticate for Outgoing SMTP. That's not enabled by default

  • Do you see any errors in your mail logs, located in /var/log/maillog?

  • Can you attach /etc/postfix/ to this request? I'll verify that it's setup to allow SSL/TLS requests.


If you're using the user@domain.tld username format, you'll want to make sure saslauthd is running with the "-r" parameter.

What does "ps auxw | grep saslauthd" show?

Why i cant see my replys????

andre, thanks i reply all you required me, but i dont see them.

i add "-r" on saslauthd and works Fine ! ! !

Thanks andre!!!!