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hi jamie

I am having trouble with automation through whmcs. When i order a product with the custom field "hostname" an instance is created. But the instance needs to be created according to an account plan.

So I have set all plans to use "By system Owner" For this to work I need to set a custom field in WHMCS called "Username"

However I am getting the error "--host parameter required" in WHMCS. Matt believes this is an error on cloumins side. This is my last reply to Matt:

On a cloudmin system only system owners can have account plans. The Username custom field is what should create a system owner on the cloudmin system and he would get a Xen instance according to the account plan I made.

Every account plan is set to "By system owner" thus the field Username should be set in WHMCS according to your previous answer. I have set this field but the module returns the error -host parameter required.

So adding the cutom field Hostname will create a Xen instance but the wrong one and I am in a loop. Why isn't Username working? It should send the command "cloudmin create-owner" yes?

I could succesfully create a system owner over a shell with: cloudmin create-owner --name ronald --email mymail@gmail.com --pass mypasswd --plan 128MB

what should I do? Ronald



Yes, account plans in Cloudmin apply to system owners, not systems.

If you want to create both a system and an owner, you need to first create the owner (with the appropriate plan parameter), then create the system with the owner parameter set to the username of the owner you just created.

Does that help? If not, it sounds like I need to talk to Matt..

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Submitted by ronald on Thu, 03/04/2010 - 13:18 Pro Licensee

Hi Yes you need to talk to Matt...

Creating the VPS with only Username doesnt create a system owner. Creating the VPS with Hostname, creates the VPS but no owner thus no account plan.

Using both Custom Fields creates a VPS as if only Hostname has been entered...VPS is created not according to Account Plan. :(

Adding to this:
upon checkout, the vps is created but the browser is getting a time-out. WHMCS is running CGI mode and serving a different cloudmin server. The time-out is very confusing for a client.

thank you ronald

Do you have an email address for him?

Do you have an email address for him?

Ok, I have emailed him ..

Ronald - did you get this working in the end? I emailed Matt from WHMCS, and he said the issue had been resolved..

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Submitted by ronald on Sun, 03/14/2010 - 14:28 Pro Licensee

my ticket at whmcs is still on hold.
I have just contacted him on the progress...

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Submitted by ronald on Sun, 03/14/2010 - 19:57 Pro Licensee

i updated the system with the rcent new cloudmin module but Im getting this:

The order placed for has received its first payment but an error occured and the account could not be automatically setup on the server

Client ID: 2
Product/Service: 256MB
Error: Creates a new Cloudmin system owner.

I updated the ticket with Matt..


i have this problem too what is the solution here? i get the following error "--host parameter required