Quota Exceeded bounced e-mail not informative

Dear Developers!

We have a problem with those e-mails which can not delivered when the user's quota exceeded.

We use SendMail as mail engine with MIMEDefang for the ability of domain-selective relay-filtering.

The main problem is when default configured MAILER(`local') was in sendmail.cf, the LDA will be sensible-mda, which causes EX-TEMPFAIL after a quite long timeout. This keeps the message in the queue until it reaches the 5d time period, then bouncing back without any informative message.

We needed immediate bounce as the number of mailboxes are growing by our partners and clients and when lot of them exceeds user quota, the queue sometimes keeps 5000+ e-mails loading the whole system.

To have immediate bounce we tried FEATURE(local_lmtp') and define(LOCAL_MAILER_ARGS', mail.local -l -b') (with the permament fail -b argument) and MAILER(local'), and this way the LDA will be mail.local. This way we have the needed <<< 552 5.2.2 user: Disk quota exceeded | 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable (user: Disk quota exceeded) message in the bounced e-mail but the incoming e-mails nevermore procmailed which is needed in our environment.

To have immediate bounce we also tried - and have now live - FEATURE(local_procmail_lmtp') and MAILER(procmail'), and this way the LDA will be procmail. This way the incoming e-mails procmailed as needed but we just have some <<< 550 5.0.0 output error 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable (output error) message in the bounced e-mail which is not enough informative to senders.

So the question is if it's possible to immediate bounce AND have the Quota Exceeded message in the bounced e-mail in our environment when the user's quota exceeded?

Many thanks And Greetings.

Gergo Giczy Hungary/EU



I'm really not sure - the default and supported Virtualmin install uses Postfix and Procmail, and that seems to handle over-quota bounces. But once you add other mail servers like Sendmail and MIMEDefang , it is hard to be sure what will happen when you hit your quota limit.