Problems with Spam Assassin -- no longer needing Spam Assassin

We have shut down spamd and clamav - we use a barracuda filter and do not want to use those processes. spamc continues to log errors in the syslog (?)... would like to clear that and we think that perhaps spamc is still running although - how, with spamassassin shut down? Also, a few clients are complaining about bounced emails - emails being filtered and the barracuda is passing them okay. Again, it appears that some functions of spamassassin are plaguing us - still.
We should uninstall all dependencies to include spamassassin but we were just hoping to shut things down being worried about messing up our server's stability.
Suggestions? Thanks you.




Yeah, you shouldn't need to physically remove the packages.

Have you disabled the spam and virus scanning features in System Settings -> Features and Plugins? Doing that should prevent any attempt to use spamassassin or clamav.

If you've already disabled those features -- what errors are you seeing regarding spamc?

The simplest way would be to just turn off spam and virus filtering for all domains.

You can do this with a shell command like :

virtualmin disable-feature --all-domains --spam --virus

Then disable them on the Features and Plugins page, as Eric suggested.