Quota Display problem in list_users.cgi webpage


Actually we have a problem with the display quota mail in the list_users.cgi webpage

All display quota are good in other web page, but in this page the colonn "mailbox size quota used" are twice of the real quota used :(

Exemple: an user have 4,8 Mo in this mailbox but in the list_users.cgi page his quota is 9,6Mo

That's only a display bug because if the user reach the quota, mail is reject.

We use the virtualmin GPL version Version 3.77.gpl, webmin is v 1.500 OS: FreeBSD 7.0

Could you help me to correct the display quota ?

Thank you very much.

PS: In all other module quota display are good, and in all other web page of virtualmin quota display are good, the problem is only on this webpage (list_user.cgi)



Often times, this occurs when there are files owned by the user outside of the Maildir folder.

Sometimes files are created in /tmp as that user -- the standalone clamav scanner can do that.

For this user, what is actual quota in Virtualmin is set to?

In Email Messages -> Spam and Virus Scanning, you may want to set the "Virus Scanning Program" option to use "Server scanner (clamdscan)" if it's not already.


Actually quota of user is defined as is: Quota home directory: 50Mo Quota mailbox: 50Mo and the mailbox file size on the disc (/var/mail/user_mailbox) is 2,8Mo but on the virtualmin list_users webpage, the quota display is 5,6Mo

There aren't anti-spam or antivirus on this server, sendmail deliver mail directly in the mailbox file size and any milter or daemon parse the mailbox file.