Upgrade falsely reported success?

Upon purchasing a license for VM Pro, I ran as root:

wget -O install.sh http://software.virtualmin.com/cgi-bin/install.cgi?serial=...

to upgrade from the GPL version.

It reported no errors, but on logging in on port 1000, it took me to a webmin page without the virtualmin options.

The only mentions I see for virtualmin are:

Servers -> Virtualmin Mailman Mailing Lists Virtualmin Subversion Repositories Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL)


System -> Virtualmin Package Updates

No change that I saw upon rebooting the system.



That's not the recommended way to upgrade .. and in fact may break things.

The immediate issue seems to be that you aren't using the Virtualmin Framed Theme anymore. This can be selected at Webmin -> Webmin Themes.

Let us know if that helps..

That worked.


I got the direction to use wget from:


that page had no caveats or indication of preferred upgrade method.

Is there any way to re-install cleanly?

Also, the exact menu item was Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Webmin Themes

Moreover there was also a menu item that didn't work when set to Virtualmin Framed Theme: Webmin -> Change Language and Theme -> Personal choice

The recommended way to upgrade from GPL to Pro is at System Settings -> Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro.