New Licence Order Not Found


I sent payment for a new licence for one of our new servers on 25th December 2009.

The original payment was from paypal account on the 25th December 2009.

I've opened several support tickets and emailed Joe but still haven't managed to get a reply of the licence - please look into the matter and if it cannot be resulved then refund the payment as it's nearly 2 months ago now.

Many thanks




Hi Joe -- can you look into this order? Thanks!

So did you purchase this new licence via the shopping cart? If so, what login did you use?

That was the previous order for an unlimited licence - this order wasn't placed on the virtualmin system - the payment was sent via payapl on the 25th December via paypal mass payment from 'ethosclouds.

~This is for a different server...



Copied from another thread...

But I'm still getting no joy with the new licence query - the order number I put was my last order that was placed on the system that was delivered - an unlimited licence for our new server.

The order I am querying isn't on the system - I sent the payment on the 25th december by paypal from ethosclouds paypal account for a new 100 domain licence for another server we have.

Perhaps you can kindly ask Joe again as I've now written loads of messages, emails, posts and tickets over the past two months and nobody as yet seems to have been able to resolve it for me.

Many thanks


Ok, I have issued a 100-domain license for you ..

I suspect that the delay was because you didn't make the order via our shopping cart, but rather just sent the payment to our paypal account?