Delete old backups

The Delete old backups feature with scheduled backups is not working as expected. According to the documentation I should be able to create a local backup and using strftime be able to delete backups using whole days or fractions thereof.

So far this feature is not working at all, or at least, as I think I understand how it should work.




What path are you using for your backup destination?

Virtualmin expects it to be either a file like /backup/domains-%d-%m-%Y.tar.gz or a directory like /backup/%d-%m-%Y . You can then set a number of days to delete the backup after on the scheduled backup form.

The path is exactly like your example, however, as it is a local backup, it's under the domain's home directory/virtualmin-backup/backup/%d-%m-%Y/etc...

Was this backup created by root, or by the domain owner?

Also, if you run ls -l in that virtualmin-backup directory, what does it output? I am most interested in the timestamps on the sub-directories, as those are what Virtualmin looks at to determine if the backup is old enough to delete.