More rows disappear in /etc/postfix/virtual

Dear, I had this problem on some mailbox last month. Call into / etc / postfix / virtual everything started to work. Since last week but it has deteriorated and disappear lines / etc / postfix / virtual.

I do not see a rule. From the log Webmin can not see anything wrong with that.



What Virtualmin version are you using? And is it GPL or Pro?

Jamie had fixed had put in a fix for an issue just like this into version 3.76. If you're using a different version, you'll want to make sure you upgrade.

Also, if you run System Settings -> Re-check Config, it should help troubleshoot what lines are missing from the "virtual" file.

If you're using version 3.76 already -- do you have any ideas as to what might be causing it? Have you deleted any Virtual Servers recently (which was the cause of the previous problem)?


I use 3.67 Pro for 250 domains on Ubuntu 8.04.2 , and now a see another problem: why the notice did not appear to update on the main page "System Information", that I do I see every day ?

I am seriously concerned that despite applying all the updates that are offered, as these malfunctions occur.

How to upgrade to 3.76 pro ?

OK, if you are still running 3.67 you would still be subject to this bug.

To upgrade manually, try running the command apt-get install webmin-virtual-server

If that fails, please post the contents of your /etc/apt/sources.list file.